Friday, March 13, 2015

Quincy is 3!

Quincy turned 3 at the end of January!

He asked for a soccer cake (this looks like a failed "Nailed It") Haha!
My frosting was too runny--oops!

Grandma and Grandpa traveled the long two blocks to come celebrate!

Like the typical middle child, he was dragged to all of his siblings' activities that day, poor guy.  We owe you one!

At 3, Quincy loves:
--Teen Beach Movie (he loves singing along)
--Playing blocks and play dough
--Refusing naps and insisting on only wearing sweatpants

After opening his presents, he went back to dragging around a little tote bag with his favorite toys, a mini Book of Mormon and a stuffed horse stolen from Cosette.
He knows what he likes!
We sure love this fun little guy who wants to be part of all the action and loves
being super active!