Monday, April 27, 2009

5 Months Old!

I can't believe Cosette is 5 months (and 1 week) old already! Time has gone by so quickly these past months. We are really loving parenting her without consulting every "baby scheduling" book like we did with Cash. I was so obsessed with Cash's nursing and sleeping schedule when he was a baby--and I wasted so much time worrying! This time, we are just winging it, more for necessity, since we are so busy with Cash. And it's so much better!

Loving tummy time--this girl is a wiggle worm!

Playing with her newfound foot!

Reading with Daddy. Yep, she's still a Daddy's girl. She sleeps in with him every morning. If he has to get up early, she gets up early.

*Okay, you may have noticed that there aren't many pictures of Cash on here lately. Cash is currently going through a nudist stage, and we don't want any nudey shots of him on here. As soon as he resumes wearing clothes, we'll have some more pics of him. His constant nudity is a combo of having very sensitive skin and also being in the middle of potty training.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mama!

(Sorry, this is the best and most recent picture I have of my mom! Here she is holding a newborn Cosette.)

Today, she turns 60. This is something she's a little bit worried about, but I think it's a great milestone. Happy Birthday to someone who personifies being young at heart. We love you!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Spring!

We had a low-key Easter. Cash and I tried to dye eggs, but Fox's extreme aversion and continuous gagging noises made us finish up quickly. Cash was given copious amounts of candy in nursery, making him too hyper to sit still the rest of the day. We are through with Easter baskets full of candy, I think!

Here is a picture of the weather outside right now. And our husbands wonder why we miss California.....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby Animal Days

Happy Easter, Everyone! Yesterday was Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center a few miles down the road. We met up with our friends Jared and Pam and their two kids. We had a ton of fun...until the clouds rolled in! It quickly went from 60 degree weather to 40 degree weather. Brrr! Luckily, we got home before the rain really started. Cash had a blast there, so these pics are mostly of him!

Chasing the turkey:

Cash went straight into the arms of the Easter Bunny and was sorely disappointed that there was no candy to be found on that fuzzy suit:

Cash's first pony ride!

Cuddling a baby duck:

And last, the ever-pleasant Cosette. She cooed away happily, even though the icy wind kept blowing her blankie off her!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday at Charlie's

We went up to Charlie's on Sunday, and it was so fun. Janie and her family, who were in Utah visiting with Heather and her new baby, came up for the afternoon, too. It was so fun to see everybody. Cash loved all of the kids. All the playing wiped him out, so he decided to lay down in Matthew's bed and take a nap. We were also able to watch the Sunday afternoon session of Conference there, which was great. Here are some pics!
The fam:

Uncle Rick spent some time with Cash and took him to pet some nearby horses. Cash loved it!

Leslie wanted to hold Cosette, and she also spent alot of time playing with Cash. She's already a great auntie!

Cousins on the couch: