Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Months Old!

Cosette is 10 months old now! This month has been a big one for her.
In September, she:
--learned how to sleep through the night! She is now sleeping about 11 hours straight through!
--got her bottom teeth and yesterday cut her two top teeth. She is like her mama and is already grinding her teeth, though. Not a pleasant sound.
--stood on her own a few times.
--moved into Cash's room--so far, so good!
--learned to sign "all done" when she eats.

Coco is a funny little thing. She completely skipped the baby food stage and went straight to eating little chunks. She loves spaghetti! She also loves screaming at the top of her lungs when she is excited or bored and squirreling away any random bit of food or trash she may find on the floor. She doesn't swallow it--just tucks it in her cheek!

It has been so fun watching her grow and explore!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Logan Love (?)

Maybe it is the warm weather here, but Fox and I have really been enjoying Logan lately. On Saturday, Kelsy watched the kids while we took a date "downtown". We explored the little hole-in-the-wall (almost literal) shops we found--a new comic book shop, a shop devoted entirely to spinning and wool yarn, a tiny dojo. We then ate dinner at the Bluebird Cafe, which has an ice cream counter/soda fountain. We had so much fun just exploring all of the old buildings down town.
Here are some other things we love about Logan:

1.) The Gardener's Market: Logan's Farmer's Marker runs from May to October, and we try to go every Saturday. It is always so fun, and you never know what you'll find. Last week, we got free zucchini and yellow (on-the-inside) watermelon.

2.) Willow Park Zoo: We visit this little park/zoo every week. There are monkeys, bobcats, elk, bald eagles, and even an albino porcupine. We always have so much fun there.

3.) The libraries! North Logan library has a huge children's book selection and a fun story time. The downtown Logan library has a huge selection of kids' cds. We go to the libraries a couple of times a week.

Hmmmm....okay, my list is not so long. I am just trying to stay positive, since the cooler weather is almost here. Logan has snow 5 months out of the year. We live in a very small apartment on the third floor. Come winter, Cosette will be walking, which means I will have 2 toddlers. The zoo and farmer's market are closed for the winter, which leaves, um, the libraries. Here's hoping we can find something else in this city to entertain us when the snow comes!