Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snowman Party!

Winter in Logan has been dragging on, and a lot of time has been spent indoors. Might as well make a party of it! So, we sent out little invitations and invited a bunch of 2 year olds (what was I thinking?!) over for a little snowman party on Monday. The party was very chaotic, but the kids had a ton of fun. I didn't take many pictures, since I was crazy busy! We played pin-the-nose on the snowman, hot snowball (like hot potato but with a fake snowball), made snow people out of marshmallow popcorn balls, and then decorated terra cotta pot snowmen (which was a big hit)!
Finally, the kiddos got their energy out by beating a snowman pinata. Good times, and I love that I was able to use the enticement of a party to get Cash to behave for a week!

The snowman pinata, made from paper mache and balloons (idea here)

Snowman English muffin pizzas:

Our good friend James swinging at the snowman. Yes, that is a hobby horse he is swinging with. Awesome, huh?

Cash took the pinata down! We weren't about to go outside in 18 degree weather, so I thumb-tacked the pinata to the wall...and it worked! I only filled it with 2 pieces of candy per person, as I did not want or need more chaos at that point!

Enjoying the spoils:

At the end of the party, each kiddo got to take a little snowman buddy home. I made these out of old wool sweaters and craft felt I had on hand (pattern here

I am so glad we got to start the week with a cheap, fun party. I think I learned my lesson, though--stick with 1 snack and 1 game next time. Toddlers are a bit too crazy for so many things at once!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

14 months old!

Cosette turned 14 months old this week! This past month, she has changed the most! She can now make several animal sounds (she often wakes up meowing), knows some body parts, and even uses the potty at least once a day. Most of all, she is a speed walker everywhere she goes! Yikes!
She is also very mischievous. She is a hitter and makes Cash cry at least once a day. She just always seems to be up to something, although her favorite thing is still looking at books.
Here is her "I'm up to something naughty" look:

Cosette is going to be a clothes lover, I think. Here she is wearing her scarf, which she will put on and wear around the house often:

As I mentioned, Coco is Miss Mischief. Here, Cash is choking her...and she is laughing! I'm trying to pull them apart. Hmmm...I think I'm in for it with this girl!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas in Texas (finally!)

Our Christmas pictures were very few this year! Our camera died, and we forgot to bring our charger. Then, when we got home and did our own little family Christmas, I realized that I had left my camera at my friend's house. I got it back yesterday, so voila!

Our first day in Texas, we went to play on the playground of Fox's old elementary school. Cash loved the seesaw!

Chillin' on the slide:

Relaxing in Grandpa's chair (a favorite activity):

Another photo shot by Cash:

Christmas morning:

All of the cousins got matching blankets. We let Cash sleep in with them, but he kept getting up to play with Grandpa Rick's computer in the dark:

On Christmas Day, we headed to the Waxahachie fire station, where Fox's brother Richard was working. He showed Cash all the neat equipment. Cash was so excited to sit up in the fire truck!

Uncle Richard, our favorite fireman!

These are the few Christmas pictures not excessively blurred by little fingerprints on the lens...oops! We have had our digital camera for 5 years now, and it's still hanging in there. It is huge and bulky, but we just can't bring ourselves to buy a nicer one until this one is completely dead. Hence, the permission given to our children to play with it (in hopes that they might break it and give us an excuse to get a new one. Shhh!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I couldn't find any decent pictures of just Fox and I, so here is a random one Cash snapped a few months ago.

Yesterday, Fox and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! Wow, time flies! Kelsy came over to babysit for us, and we are so grateful. We hadn't gone out on our anniversary since 2006!
There really isn't too much to do in Logan. First, we went to the bookstore. Then, we went to see Avatar 3D. The entire theater was given the wrong 3D glasses (the lenses were mixed up), so it was pretty funny to see everyone slowly figure out that the glasses didn't work. (A lot of--"It's still blurry!"shouts--pretty amusing). We both really enjoyed the movie, but I thought it was a little too long. All movies should be 90 minutes! Finally, we went to dinner at Angie's, which is Logan's local down-home restaurant. We had a really good time.

P.S. Our drive home from Texas was long but smooth. The weather was perfect. The only incidence of note occurred around Moab. The kids were getting really fussy, and there just happened to be a man relieving himself on the side of the highway in the snow. Well, to get the kids to stop crying, I made up a very animated story about proper emergency toileting practices. It was such a huge hit that "Don't Ya Go A-Pee-Pee in the Snow" has now evolved into a series of bedtime stories and songs that Cash begs for every night. Yep.