Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey! It's been a while!

Well hello there! It has been a while...like 4 months!
No blogging during summer...is a rule I just made up :)
These past 4 months have found us:
--Ending the school year.

Coco graduated from Kindergarten, and there was an actual ceremony.  It was so cute! 
Cash and Coco aren't returning to the Montessori school next year, so it was bittersweet.

--Moving out of my parent's house! Granted, we only moved a couple of blocks away...but that's something!

I have struggled getting used to our new place. We don't have a grassy backyard full of trees and hammocks like my parents'. We have a dirt yard surround by broken fence and pit bulls and stray cats and a very grouchy neighbor.
But we have a king-sized bed after years of sleeping on a full size (or futon!) and that makes up for it :)

--Not too many summer activities: visiting family, swimming and sewing lessons, a trip to Arizona...my camera was lost for a while...oops!

--Fox finishing school and finally took his last test (and passed) to become a credentialed teacher! Hooray! He started this week and is teaching 5th grade.

--Lots of random health issues having to do with teeth and poop (separate issues, not related!)

--And lots and lots of loving on this fattykins who is over half a year old already!

Cash and Coco start school tomorrow, and, while I am not looking forward to having the little boys' nap time interrupted by school pick-up, I am looking forward to fall! 
Who knows what the next four months will bring (besides a new niece and nephew!!)?