Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas

Merry Christmas! Our Christmas was so fun this year. Cash didn't fully realize what was going on, but he got excited about Santa and "Missmiss Tees". Fox and I had so much fun getting ready and filling stockings. Christmas is so magical when you have kids, and I know it's going to get even better as our babies get older.

Here, Cash is building a gingerbread house with his Daddy. Fox got the big gingerbread pieces, and Cash got whole wheat crackers to build with!

A shot of Coco on her first Christmas. I didn't even realize she had woken up. When I went to check on her, she was just smiling away!

Our paper Christmas tree, complete with Fox's origami reindeer ornaments. We just didn't have the room in our tiny apartment for anything else!

Right after Cash's nap (hence the hair), he ran out of his room thinking that Santa had come again. Hey, if Santa comes when you sleep...

Cosette in her cute Christmas dress from Auntie Sandy:

Around four p.m., we headed over to Garland (about 25 miles away) to visit Uncle Charlie. When we got there, they had been shoveling snow all day! Logan hadn't gotten much snow that day, so I thought we would be able to drive back. However, it started really snowing shortly after we got there.
We decided to spend the night and had a lot of fun hanging out with the Smith's. They cooked us a big dinner and breakfast. I only had 2 diapers for Coco, so Lisa and I fashioned a cloth diaper out of old dishtowels and some silver safety pins. I used Cash's large diaper for the diaper cover, and it worked! Needless to say, I have learned my lesson and am putting my fashionable purse away for now. With babies, you definitely need to be prepared and there is no packing light!

We hope you all had a great Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Month Old

Cosette will be one month old tomorrow! She is a good baby and growing quickly. She still sleeps all day and then is mostly awake from 5 pm or so until 11. Gotta work on that!
On Tuesday, she slept through the night (7 hours!!) and also smiled for the first time.
Cash is still doing great with her. He is always very gentle and loving. The only sign of jealousy he shows is when he gets hurt and wants me to hold him, when I am already holding Coco. He'll say "Hold you, mama! Baby--chair!" (translation: hold me, mama. put the baby in her bouncer!) We are really enjoying this sweet little girl. Here are some recent photos from this past week:

A hint of her smile. Who do you think she looks like?

Pensive at bathtime:

Coco loves tummy time, because she loves laying on her tummy. She doesn't even attempt to hold her head up. She's like "I'm good--I'll nap here".