Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mrs. P's Pinata

My birthday was last week--I felt so so loved! My best buddy Ru came and brought a cupcake pinata for me and the kiddos. I have never had a birthday pinata, so it was so fun!

Swinging large sticks near Fox's head--good times!

I forced Mrs. P (aka Ru) to give it a shot!

Ru insisted on a photo of the bashers!  Quincy was napping elsewhere.

   Thank you to everyone--it was a particularly special day for me, since I have not been around my family and close friends on my birthday for ten years! Last year on my birthday, I was battling morning sickness and homesickness, so to be with my parents and friends (and get calls from my 6 siblings) throughout the day was incredibly special! And of course thank you to Fox, who cleaned, caked, and made sure we got a date!