Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost over! We had a good one here! This week, the weather has actually been in the 40s occasionally, so that was so nice. We actually got out of the house quite a bit. And Fox and I had a date on Friday--hooray! Our friends Elizabeth and Gabe babysat while we went to eat at the Indian Oven and had yummy coconut kurma. It was so delicious (and not Scobby-Dooby--pee-yucky as Cash likes to say).

Cash and I picked out a mailbox at the craft store and brought it home to decorate. This little project kept him busy for an hour! He was so happy!

Opening his Robot-stickered (no girly hearts here!) mailbox to find his Valentines this morning (Don't worry, Mom--there was only one piece of candy in there!):

I found this cute idea for krispy-cones online. Cash and I whipped these up with a sour cherry ball on top and then took him to his neighborhood buddies:

Testing it out--yummy!

And of course, what's a blog post without a picture of my little ankle biter (yep, she's at the cat-tail-pulling, pinching, bite-for-fun stage!):

*I just noticed Cash is wearing the same shirt in these pictures, even though the first picture is from earlier this week. He wants to wear his santa pajama top every single day! Don't worry, we wash it often. But, should I be discouraging this? This is the first time Cash has ever been picky about clothing!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Some Recent Faves

Nothing too new here in the Ellis household. We are getting over colds and having the wonderful time of transitioning Cosette down to 1 nap a day. Since we have been home so much, I thought I would share a few things that have made the days a little bit more cheery (I will not be including Cash's newfound obsession with Scooby Doo. I got him a video from the library. He loves it, but I don't. Shaggy is so annoying and now Cash asks to sleep with the door open, since he gets scared. Ugh..)


Once I Ate A Pie is the "true" confessions of thirteen different dogs. It is hilarious, especially if you do different voices for the dogs. For example, Mr. Beefy, a pug, confesses that he likes to go eat tubs of butter in the basement in private. Just a really cute book--I think Fox and I might have enjoyed it more than the kids!


I love this album. I usually put on music while I'm cooking to keep everyone happy, and this CD does the trick. It is mellow and also dance-worthy. There is a reggae ABC that Cash loves. Just a really good CD. We love it!


Okay, if you know me, you know I can't resist candy advertising when new flavors/editions come out! It can be called "Chicken Noodle Soup Kit Kats", and I will be all over that. I just love the novelty. The Dark Reeses have been out for a while, but we just recently tried them. They are so much better than the regular ones (especially if you have left some in your pocket all day, and they are a little melty). But they still can't beat this wonderful homemade recipe, of which I always seem to have the ingredients conveniently on hand. Yum!

Okay, I just wanted to share this: is a website that lets you look up a movie and then shows you when the best time would be to go pee, so that you don't miss any good parts. Hilarious and helpful! It also tells you what you missed after you went to the bathroom, and you can download the app onto your iPhone.

Awkward Family Photos is also great for a laugh!