Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Fox, Kelsy, Cash, and I went down to Pleasant Grove to visit Dave and Amber a couple of weekends ago. It was so fun and so warm! They are such gracious hosts, too. Dave made yummy black bean enchiladas for us and took us to SubZero, where they freeze your ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

We also got to go to HeeHaws Farm, which had a corn maize, petting zoo, and pumpkin patch. It also had a haunted house for kids, which Cash loved. He gets such a kick out of anything "scawy". Best of all, Kels and I got to go to Target! Logan doesn't have one, so we had been looking forward to it for a long time.

Here we are at HeeHaws:

Cash is trying to find the perfect pumpkin:

Found and claimed!

Kelsy's crazy Frankenstein pumpkin:

And the wonderful Dave and Amber:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Music Love

Not too much has been happening here. The weather has gotten colder. Right now, it is snowing a ton, and there is a winter storm warning. So, I don't want to hear about how hot all you Californians are...or I might cry. We have five more weeks until our baby girl comes, and if it's snowing, I swear I will just stay home and have her! Never mind the fact that the hospital is 8 blocks away. I have an almost-crippling fear of driving in the snow, even if I'm just the passenger!

The latest news with us is that Cash is becoming quite opinionated about what he likes and doesn't like, which is par for the course for toddlers. For example, he loves ovals but won't have anything to do with diamonds. My mom got him a shapes puzzle, and he absolutely loves it. He would point out shapes and play with that puzzle all day if he could.

The most interesting development we've seen is Cash's love of particular music. When we were in Japan, we would check Youtube for music videos, just to keep current on popular songs in the U.S. Well, somehow we ended up watching Miley Cyrus' "7 Things" video, and Cash is obsessed! He calls it "Sha", since she says "Shhhaaa" a couple of times throughout the song. Here's the video. Now, I'm only including it so you can see the "Sha" that Miley does at the beginning and know that Cash says "Sha" on cue when he sees it. He also does the "OOooooo" part at the end.

Warning: don't watch this entire video unless you want to be sickened by tween girls cuddling teddy bears and crying over tween boys. I just want you to know what I have to endure a couple of times a day, when Cash crawls on to the computer chair, points at the screen, and asks for "Sha".

Cash, along with Fox and I, also loves the Barenaked Ladies' children's album, Snacktime:

It's a really catchy CD with cute, short songs. Cash's favorites are: Eraser and Allergies.
He also loooves Laurie Berkner's DVD:

Laurie Berkner is a famous children's artist, who has really fun, upbeat songs. Cash loves her song "Moon, Moon, Moon" and will do the hand motions along with it. I'm hoping to break Cash of his Miley addiction, now that I know that there is a Youtube specifically for toddlers, called TotLol. So far, nothing on that site has come close to replacing his favorite song, but hopefully we'll find something soon!