Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dorthinia!

 I asked Cosette if she was going to be Coco or Cosette on her birthay (her preferences change daily). She told me neither--on her birthday, her name would be: DORTHINIA !

Other birthday preferences for Coco:
 1.) A real live pony for her birthday
 2.) Snake meat for her birthday dinner (hmmm...)
3.) A Merida dress and toy bow-and-arrow from the movie Brave.
Ummm...I think we can make #3 happen at least :)

  Meanwhile, she started her birthday by watching the sunrise outside. Unfortunately, that was in an effort to get the cold air to help her breathing, since she was up throughout the night with a croup-y cough. Shortly after that, Fox took her to the E.R. to get a steroid shot to reduce the inflammation of her airway. Poor girl. Here's hoping the rest of the day just gets better.

We love you, Dorthinia, snake-eating, unipeg vampire!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween has come and gone...and the Christmas decorations are in the stores! The holiday/birthday season is here--hooray! Our Halloween was busy: Trunk-or-Treat at church, Pumpkin Patch field trip, Halloween Parade at school, and of course trick-or-treating.
   One of the lovely sisters in our ward set up a little photo booth at the ward party, so here are the results of that! Cash was a ninja--but apparently his mask fell into the toilet just before we left for the party. Not quite sure why he was holding his mask while going potty...

Cash's has real authentic ninja scars from falling out of a tree the day before!
Despite the appearance, Cosette is not a unicorn. She noticed her costume had wings and pronounced herself a "uni-peg" (unicorn/pegasus). My sister gave her this costume over a month ago, and she has pretty much worn it all-day everyday since. To the point where no one gives it a second thought to see a uni-peg running down the street!
Cosette with her much-loved favorite rain boots!
   And Quincy boy--yet another lesson to me about training your newborn to wear a hat! This boy rips everything off his head that touches it, so I quickly made a cheeseburger costume during naptime the day of the party like the procrastinator I am! That boy ripped that costume off as soon as I put it on, so I improvised by strapping him into my carrier and then strapping the costume to the carrier's straps.
Mama's little cheeseburger!

Next up: Coco's birthday! She asked for a live mini-pony for her birthday--so her lesson of expectation vs. reality should be very educational/tear-filled.