Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stopping in Gilbert

   On our way back from Texas, we decided to spend the night in New Mexico and then visit Megan near Phoenix the next afternoon. Our kids did so amazing in the car (and QP napped 4 hours straight midday) that we pushed through--meaning Fox drove 1,080 miles in a day--15 hours of driving with 3 stops--Dallas straight to Phoenix. Thank you, my children, for being such road warriors!!
And of course thank you, my husband, for being such an excellent driver!
  I was so excited to have more time in Gilbert with my sweet sister Meg and her cute family! Fox had never visited before, so we were on a mission to get him to love it. Happy to say that he looooves it now :)

Throughout our whole trip, Coco talked about seeing Sadie the snake.  So, the first thing she wanted to do was hold it...and then pick out a mouse for it to eat.  Eewww...Josh obliged her after we ate.  She picked out a white one from the bag 'o frozen mice (while we all cringed) and got to watch Sadie have her meal.

How amazing is this wall of cupboards?!

The beautiful backyard with the sweet Sadie dog.  There is a trampoline to the side, too.  We loved hanging out in the backyard. The most perfect weather in the dead of winter!

The kids were very excited to be out of the car:

Meg and I at the preserve near the library:

Twinners!  These boys are so cute.  They came home from school and got right down to their homework! I love how Ethan often puts his arm around Jonah when he talks to him.

Girl cousins in this family are few and far between, so they have a special bond.

   Josh pretty much summed it up when he said, "Arizona is great.  The neighborhood is great. The downside? Oh, it' know...hotter than death."  But perfect in January!  We love you Abbotts and hope to see you again soon!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Quincy is 1!!

     Quincy boy turned 1 last week!!  We celebrated his birthday in Texas with his Ellis grandparents, which was so fun.  The drive was 21 hours and went much, much better than expected.  Quincy only cried for a few minutes when he got thirsty.

  If you look at the above picture, you will see that Quincy is ripping the birthday crown off. Stinker!
Grandpa Rick picked out the most awesome, rainbow cake.  Fun to smash!  Q was a big fan of the ice cream.
  And...a sad attempt at a photo with the grandparents.

On our way back from Texas, we decided that we would stop to see my big sister Meg and her family in Arizona.  We got there much much earlier than expected and were able to have birthday cream puffs (the Hulihan tradition) made especially for Q by Megan, who did a much better job than I could have done!

Not so sure about this...

    Although our trip back was smooth, too, I think Quincy got addicted to falling asleep by the car motion.  Or else he is moving down to one nap a day (eeek!).  Anyways, he is just so happy to be out of his car seat and crusing around in his new shoes now!

  We sure love having Quincy in our family--he keeps all of us on our toes and is a wiggleworm but still a great cuddler! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Toddle, toddling, toddler...

Our little baby boy is turning 1 next week.  How did that happen?
Also, he is walking! He is literally toddling everywhere now.

Here's what he's been up to lately:

Riding in style on his Christmas present from Grandma Betty!
Squirming for photos, as seen here and in the one below:

Coco still has not warmed up to Quincy--look at those devil eyes on her!

Mooching food off of Grandpa's plate...constantly...Grandpa is too nice!

  Quincy is a very interesting boy.  He, like his cousin Mitchell, tends to like hard things to cuddle with, and will often be soothed only by holding things like chapstick, pens, and sample bottles of lotion.
    Quincy loves music and will stop to dance whenever he hears the slightest beat.  He is a great napper but definitely a picky eater!
   Quincy literally walks around the house all day long, exploring everything.  It is exhausting but fun watching/rescuing him.
  Our plan for his birthday is to travel to Texas so he can meet his Ellis grandparents for the first time.  20 hour car ride, here we come!