Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Cosette!

Cosette is 6 today!

At 6 days old..

At 6 years old...

At 6 years old, Coco loves:
-Beanie Boos
-Horses and Unicorns
-Meat and Cheese
-Clothes and Shoes

  Coco is such a fun little girl.  She has loved two things since she was two: stuffed animals and coloring.  That has remained constant, which makes her super easy to please.
This year, we are homeschooling, and she has been doing really great with reading and math. She loves learning about animals. She loves playing with Cash, and she is slowly warming up to her other two brothers, although she mentions a lot that she doesn't like being the only girl.
     She is the type of girl who loves to sleep and is out as soon as her head hits the pillow.  She also loves to be around other people constantly and loves being read to--her favorite book this year has been Matilda.
        We love her so much and are so happy that she is in our family.  She has to put up with a lot with all the boys in this house :)
                                            Happy Birthday, Cosette!