Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home at Last!

On the 16th, Fox, Kels, the kids, and I started our drive to Pleasant Grove to visit Dave and Amber. Our van started making a crazy grinding noise in rush hour Friday night traffic in downtown Salt Lake City. Ouch. We made it off the freeway and tried to figure out what was going on. Long story short, our van was towed to a place near Dave's. Turns out we needed a new engine! Argh. And that the new engine wouldn't be ready until the next Friday! Double Argh! In actuality, the car wasn't ready until Tuesday evening. So, after Fox and Kels found a ride back up to Logan on the 19th, I hung out with David and Amber until the 28th. Yep. It was really fun hanging out but definitely a challenge being away from the help we rely on, like Fox and Cash's toys. Dave and Amber are so fun and cute and wonderful, though! They really got a taste of what having two kids under age 2 is like!

Finally, I drove us home in our "fixed" van today and got home around noon. After having the kids by myself for 10 days, I was looking forward to going to my weekly sewing class this afternoon.

And then the van wouldn't start.

Triple Arrrrgh.

There is something up with the ignition or battery or something. The place that worked on it wants to tow it back down to Orem to take a look. That's over 2 hours away. Hmm.

Despite all this trouble, I'm so grateful to be back up with Fox in Logan. I am also incredibly lucky that the roads were clear today as I drove home. I also drove straight through, which is a blessing, because the car wouldn't have started again had I stopped somewhere.

We'll see what happens!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Cosette is now 8 weeks old and is already proving to be a Daddy's girl. She doesn't go down for the night until 11 pm and then sleeps in, just like her Daddy!
Here she is looking freakishly like Fox:

Being cute:

Still getting loved on by big brother. He loves to lay next to her and hold her hand.

I guess technically she looks most like Rebecca, my mother-in-law, who is also very tall. I have a feeling Cosette will have the height, too. Fox is already planning her career in professional volleyball.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Watch, Read, and Listen

I have cute pictures of the kids, I do! I really hate to make blog posts without pictures, but I can't find my camera cord! Here's what I've been enjoying lately, though.


Fox and I finally got a date night! We left a restless Cosette and a sleeping Cash with Kelsy so we could go see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Fox and I always like to see movies that get Oscar buzz, because we are really huge fans of watching the Academy Awards (although some, including myself, would argue that the awards are not indicators of movie greatness). The movie was almost 3 hours long and a little melodramatic. However, the message of the movie is really sweet, and the music was wonderful. My date had to remove his glasses to wipe his tears. I would definitely see it (once).


Santa left "The Road" in my stocking, and I couldn't put it down. It is the story of a man and his son trying to survive in a world that is almost at its end. It won the Pulitzer and will be a movie later this year. It is a huge reminder to have food storage or who knows what you'll have to eat when the world is at its end.


Technically, this is a "watch" but the songs are so catchy that I count it as a "listen". This is a 42 minute musical about an evil villain (who isn't too evil) trying to get into the "Evil League of Evil", while at the same time trying to deal with unrequited love. It's hilarious, and you can watch it for free at

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

"A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong."
Milton Berle

Yeah, I'm a good wife!

Fox and I were married on New Year's Eve six years ago! To celebrate our anniversary, we...what did we do? We stayed home and watched a few episodes of "Chuck" and played "Celestial Companions" (basically the LDS-version of the Newlywed Game). Exciting, eh? The downfall of having your anniversary on a holiday is that people (ie potential babysitters) are out doing stuff!

We had fun, though.

I wanted to add a picture of us to this post, but I have zero pictures of us alone together since 2005, when we got our digital camera. So, I'll get sentimental on you instead. Fox and I often talk about when we knew that we wanted to marry each other. My moment came one day when we were taking the bus to run some errands. Neither of us had a car at that time, so we spent a lot of time using the buses. We were telling each other funny stories from our childhood, and we were laughing the whole way home. When we got off the bus, Fox looked at me and said, "If I wasn't in love with you, you would be the coolest friend". So, that's how I knew. I knew like you know a good melon. (Who knows where that line is from?) We both just really enjoy each other's company and are always finding things to laugh at. It has been so neat to be part of a relationship that has progressed from being poor college students to...being poor college students with kids together! I really look forward to the years to come and all of the adventures that we will encounter. Together.

We've Moved!

We've moved! Hooray! It was a long process that started last Friday. Fox took out the seats in our van and made several trips with our stuff to our new (3rd floor) apartment in north Logan. We are now in an actual apartment--with a dishwasher and big plans to get a washer and dryer soon--instead of a chopped-up house with a huge list of safety hazards. The moving went really well. We didn't have too much stuff, and our friends watched the kids while we cleaned. We're sad that we are farther away from Kelsy, but we are directly behind Wal-Mart (which is probably bad) and right next to the Cache Valley Fun Park--woohoo!!

This is our 11th move in 6 years. Wow.