Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lest the other children be forgotten...

I do have other children beside little Quincy boy.  They are just far too mobile for me to document properly!

 But here is a glimpse of my four-legged child:

Cash and Coco spend a big chunk of their day on this hammock: swinging, reading, and of course, eating popsicles!  It just amazes me how much they love this hammock!

Now to work on getting some non-eating pictures out of the hammock!

6 Months Old!

  Quincy is halfway through his first year on Earth!  I can't believe it!  He is still a very mellow baby who goes to sleep easily and is just a really content boy.  He isn't sitting yet and has just recently started rolling around.  His baby hair is still hanging in there, too! 
We are entering the super fun months of babyhood where grabbing, drooling, giggling, and bouncing are the latest fun activities!  We love this little guy so much!

Here are his little 6 month pics:

Okay, I'll pose like this...

Big smile!

Enough of this blanket--It's all mine now, bahahaha!

5 Months Old!

 So...this post is a month behind!  Oops.  My free time is super limited with three little ones, and blogging is low on the priority list!

Here are a few shots from Quincy's 5th month:

5 months old!

  We started QP on solids on his 5 month mark, since he was grabbing at food and seeming hungrier than usual.  He is an eating champ!  The first time I fed him, he ate half of a mashed banana!  Oh the boys in this family! Coco wasn't interested in solids until she was almost 9 months!
Yummy sweet potatoes!

We got to visit Grandma Betty recently, and Quincy loves her!  She always has a big smile and high, sweet voice for him!