Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I couldn't find any decent pictures of just Fox and I, so here is a random one Cash snapped a few months ago.

Yesterday, Fox and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! Wow, time flies! Kelsy came over to babysit for us, and we are so grateful. We hadn't gone out on our anniversary since 2006!
There really isn't too much to do in Logan. First, we went to the bookstore. Then, we went to see Avatar 3D. The entire theater was given the wrong 3D glasses (the lenses were mixed up), so it was pretty funny to see everyone slowly figure out that the glasses didn't work. (A lot of--"It's still blurry!"shouts--pretty amusing). We both really enjoyed the movie, but I thought it was a little too long. All movies should be 90 minutes! Finally, we went to dinner at Angie's, which is Logan's local down-home restaurant. We had a really good time.

P.S. Our drive home from Texas was long but smooth. The weather was perfect. The only incidence of note occurred around Moab. The kids were getting really fussy, and there just happened to be a man relieving himself on the side of the highway in the snow. Well, to get the kids to stop crying, I made up a very animated story about proper emergency toileting practices. It was such a huge hit that "Don't Ya Go A-Pee-Pee in the Snow" has now evolved into a series of bedtime stories and songs that Cash begs for every night. Yep.


Amber Kei said...

Hapy Anniversary! That's very exciting! Hooray that your trip went well! Don't you love those memories about traveling? Your kids will have a good one! ;)

Larissa said...

I was going to call you but forgot - so belated HAPPY anniversary to YOU! Sounds like you had fun! WE asaw avatar 3D too and it was really neat BUT yes too long (then you add 20-30 minutes of previews,etc and it is not fun sitting that long!) anyway, you will have to share your pee-pee songs with us (: ha ha