Friday, March 13, 2015

Arthur is 1!

Arthur turned 1!

We had my family over to celebrate and had the traditional Hulihan first birthday cream puff.

He loved them! He ate two! Good job, Arthur!

He got lots of balls and some books for his birthday. 
I can't believe my baby is 1!
At 1, Arthur is:
-taking one nap a day
- has six teeth
- still not walking, although he likes to assisted-walk
-sleeping long and deeply at night
-loving food, especially peas and strawberries
- my most mellow child. He loves to just crawl around looking at things.
He does shriek occasionally, but he is still super cuddly and sweet.
His favorite activity is taking everything out of my purse and trying to put everything back. Repeat for all drawers in the house.
Also throwing stuff into the bathtub that doesn't belong in the bathtub.
We sure love our little baby bear!