Friday, March 13, 2015

Legoland 2015!

Legoland does Homeschool Days on Mondays throughout the Winter, and we were able to go with some friends last Monday.
It was rainy off and on, but there were no lines!
The kids had so much fun!
Mini-land New York.

They are working on a new Star Wars exhibit--so we watched builders put this giant Lego replica of the Death Star together.

The kids got to take a class about gears. They had to construct their own Lego rollercoaster and get it to go super fast.

Meanwhile, the toddlers constructed a baby cage!

Coco and Matthew working well together! Matthew's family homeschool theme this year is LEGOdyssey!

Meeting a giant Emmett! Quincy was screaming in fear outside the shot.

They had the actual Lego set-up that is seen at the end of the Lego movie, so everyone got a kick out of that. Also, we got to go to Sea Life aquarium next door. It's small but has some sharks, which the kids loved.

And of course, the Southern California life:
Field trip: success! Traffic: fail!
But we all had a good time and would do it again :)
Also, Cash got a haircut after this, so you don't have to worry.


Larissa Nelson said...

So did you spend more time at Legolang or on the freeway (; Haha no looks like you had fun (; Thanks for sharing the photos!!