Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Just Saved Money on my Car Insurance!

Yes, I am that happy about it! I took an online insurance challenge for one of the survey sites I belong to and was contacted by a company here in Logan, who offered us a sweet deal on our car insurance. So, we are now paying $80 less each month. Woohoo!

I received 100 4X6s of our Japan pictures for only $3 by subscribing to Winkflash and Snapfish and getting their "50 free prints promotion". I think for those 100 pictures I paid just $3 for total shipping. I am so happy, because we have so so many pictures that need to be printed.

I got a $3 full-year subscription to Wondertime, a beautifully done magazine geared towards parents of toddlers using Best Deal Magazines, which also has Vegetarian Times subscriptions for under $5.

There is also a promotion for a free 2 year subscription to Parents magazine through Value Mags that I would have taken if I hadn't just ordered a $5 subscription last month!

I also got Fox a free subscription to his favorite magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, through a promotion with Mercury Magazines.

I found a site that has a ton of free redbox codes , so Fox and I have been able to see new releases for free! We just watched Baby Mama, which was pretty funny.

My mom has always said that being poor brings out your creative side, and I really think that's true. I am so grateful that we've been able to find some really neat ways to save money lately--due in large part to me being addicted to frugal living blogs online. Hooray!