Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Few Photos

Here are some recent photos for you!
The cat-wrestler in action! Cash is actually hugging Jubilee but just a little too hard. What starts as a hug quickly turns into a grab and bite. So...

We tried to redirect Cash's energy into this plush Batman. We told him "Bite it! Grab it! Take it out on him!"...but instead, Cash is so affectionate and gentle with this Batman. He will literally spend a good five minutes on the floor cuddling and rolling with his Batman buddy (definitely his father's son!).

About 10 more weeks to go!

Kelsy showing off our booty from the Gardener's Market. We've gone every Saturday, and it's so fun! It's a pretty small farmer's market but always has really cheap and fresh veggies.


Pink Panda said...


I love your new blog! Yay! Cash is so fun!


Larissa said...

You are looking so much bigger already! Woo-hoo!