Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cash's Haircut

Cash's hair is a magnet for everything, such as:

and oatmeal (this is right before he said "All done!" and rubbed his head with sticky hands).

So, since Fox and I don't really know how to cut little boy's hair, we just buzzed it. Don't worry--it will not stay this short! We love his little curls, but I also love that I can just wipe down his head after meals, instead of throwing him in the bath to wash out his matted hair. The last time his hair was this short was when he was 10 months old, so it feels like I have my baby back again!


Larissa said...

He looks SO cute - actually a bit older (: I don't know what to do with Shaylas hair - it looks like a mullet now in the in between short and long hair and is too long for a top ponytail ...hmmm.buzz wouldn'twork too good on her though (:

Doug and Sheelah said...

What a handsome young man.

Looks like Fox! ; )

cassie and scott said...

what a cutie!!! are you guys enjoying logan?

megh said...

Cash is getting so big! Can you believe our "little" ones are almost 2!? How's the pregnancy going?