Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Halloween

We had a very low-key Halloween. We went to our neighborhood trunk or treat, which was only an hour long. Cash really enjoyed looking at the scary decorations people had set up in their cars. He really didn't understand the candy part, until I let him eat a little KitKat. Never again. That boy reacts to sugar like a maniac. I think we will skip the "candy" part of Halloween from here on out, if that's possible!

Our little elephant:

Trying to sneak the pass-out candy into his bowl:

Doing the trunk or treat:

Hanging with Kels and her porch 'o pumpkins:

Kelsy's pumpkin (that is a prison break, if you can't tell):


Larissa said...

What a cute elephant! Yes, I have determined the most dangerous thing Shayla got her hands on was a lollipop - ack! Beware of those sticky monsters! Okay, waiting for that phone call and keeping you in my prayers (: