Monday, January 13, 2014

December, sort of

I was about to do a big long post about our December, but I would rather be in bed right now, honestly.  So, here are a few pictures of our cute kiddos!

Cash, 6 Coco, 5 and Quincy, almost 2

These guys love each other so much (well, Coco is still warming up to Quincy after 2 years but she is a big helper). 
I can't believe we will have another little baby in a few short weeks.  I am due on January 26th, but I feel like he will come the first week of February.  I am not in a rush!
We are still working on names and have just decided that we'll see when he gets here, which we have never done before. This will be interesting.
Also interesting will be how Quincy reacts to a baby.  He is pretty demanding right now. And still in diapers. So double fun!
Honestly, though, I am really excited!  It is always so fun to wonder and see who it will be that will join our family! 


Pink Panda said...

Your kids are so cute! The next one will be just as adorable as well! I love Coco's Christmas dress (with the pink!). We are going to wait until our baby gets here too- which we have never done before either (what an adventure!).