Wednesday, October 10, 2012

8 Months!

Quincy is 8 months old!

Still just 2 teeth.  He is known to bite and giggle.

Fun with Dad.  Someone's hair is clinging for life...guess who?

Quincy loves drumming on Grandpa's head :)

Our blue-eyed babies!

       Of course, he is a joy--but he is also super exhausting! He is pulling up on anything and putting everything he can into his mouth. If he is not in-arms, he is being watched like a hawk. I forgot about this age :) Q is still a big eater and loves yogurt and peas. He also loves music and chasing balls like a puppy. And Grandpa, of course :) His sleep is kind of hit or miss, but I think that's because he sleeps next to our bed. We'll see! I can't believe he is growing so quickly!


Amber Kei said...

So fun! They are all getting so big!

Pink Panda said...

What a cute big boy! Coco's hair is super blonde!

Larissa said...

Such a cutie - and all of them! So lucky to see you all twice last week!!