Friday, September 23, 2011

Typhoon Day!

This week was interesting. In between a National Holiday on Monday (Respect for the Aged Day) and a National Holiday on Friday (Autumn Equinox Day), there were 2 days where school was cancelled due to a typhoon headed our way. We did get a little of it, but nothing bad at all. In fact, it was not much more than a bad rainstorm here. Hooray!
By Monday, it had already been raining for four days straight, so when we saw a break in the clouds, we headed out as fast as we could!
We went to Sanuki Mannou Park,one of our favorite parks here. There was a lot of bouncing and boinging and sliding, so I sat my pregnant self out on everything.

Here are some pics:

One of the reasons why we love this park is because there are green, rolling hills throughout the park, which is a very rare site here in Japan.

Fun times! I love National Holidays, and Japan has A LOT!!


Larissa said...

Yay you are safe! And love the pics! What a fun park - what is with the dragon - does he hang out there or was that for the holiday? More please (: xoxo

Amber said...

Yay for updates and pictures! I want to see your cute pregnant self too! I love coco clothes, did you make the shirt?

Fox and Amy said...

Laris--yep, that dragon is there for national holidays. Amber--I did make that shirt--that Sienna dress pattern I told you about. Super easy! And I know, I need to take a pregnant photo. Actually, any photo! I am always the photographer!