Thursday, July 21, 2011

Enjoying the Cool of the Evening

Cash's preschool had its "Enjoying the Cool of the Evening Festival" (literal translation from the Japanese title!  Very awesome!) on Wednesday.  It was a fitting title.  Earlier this week, a typhoon passed nearby our little city, which pushed all of the humidity away and actually gave us a few cool evenings.  It was so fun!  We brought along our new friends, the Shumways, and had hot dogs and yummy banana ice cream.  The kids played games to win prizes, and the night finished off with all of the kids relaxing in the dark auditorium to an Anpan-man video.
My camera died after recording this video, but you can see Cash at about 50 seconds.  We didn't realize he should have been wearing a summer jinbei, but now we know!
Here is the Kanonji Yochien's Bon Festival Dance:

Hagi No-oka Park (And Picture Upload!)

Cash and Fox go down the slide at the park instead of taking the stairs.  They have this in a lot of kids' places here, like preschools.  Instead of bumping into each other on the stairs to get to the playground, all the kids just take the slide.  I think this is so neat!
So here are a few pics of Hagi No-oka Park, a free kids' pool and park up in the mountains near our home.  The water is the perfect depth for 4 year olds, which is awesome.  Cash has been swimming every day in school, so it's been fun to see him strap on his goggle and swim cap and go underwater without fear. Go Cashy!

Cutie Coco!

Friday, July 15, 2011

On the Way...

Hip Hip Hooray--Look Who's on the Way!!!


Who: Baby #3 (Girl, I tell ya, but I'll let ya know for sure next month!)
When: late January 2012
Where: Most likely Japan--not too keen on flying back 36 weeks prego.

So this should explain the lack of blog posts. When I'm not laying on the couch or playing with the kiddos, all of my internet time has been spent browsing gorgeous food blogs. And then eating sandwiches for dinner.