Monday, March 28, 2011

Kanonji Koens

Ask anyone living here, and they will tell you that Kanonji is a boring city (hmmm...sounds a little like Logan, right?). There isn't much to do. They will also say, though, that it is perfect for families--small, quiet, safe, and lovely koens (parks).
We have been making a slow tour of the local parks, and on Sunday, we went to Ichinomiya Park, which is a really nice one on the beach.
It has a really cool climbing area:

Fox is super happy...He just discovered this park has obstacle courses, Ninja-warrior style:

A lovely view! This reminds me of California:

Coco on a big ol' Napa cabbage in a random play area of ceramic produce:

Here is Cash at his favorite park, Furono Taki or the "waterfall" park. It has a couple of waterfalls, and really good hiking trails:

My dad would be happy to know that almost every park has a zip line! While our city might be boring, there is a beach nearby, so that makes up for it!


Pink Panda said...

so fun! Love Fox's new goatee! And the palm trees are gorgeous!

Larissa said...

Those parks look so cool!!! That is really all you need with your kiddos (: fun! WISH WISH WISH we could visit you, hmm....